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About Us

Laura Huffman


Laura Huffman (she/her) has served the public for more than 25 years in a range of public—and private-sector roles—all focused on building stronger and economically healthier communities. Most recently, she served as President and CEO of the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, leading one of the nation’s fastest-growing communities through a global pandemic and the largest economic expansion in its modern history.

Prior to that, she served as Executive Director for The Nature Conservancy in Texas. During her tenure, Laura assembled and led TNC’s global cities program, protecting tens of thousands of acres of land while guiding new policies—many led by the private sector—that improved water quality, bolstered water supplies, and reduced air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Laura also spent nearly 20 years in city management, overseeing economic development, downtown redevelopment, environmental protection, infrastructure development, and public safety services in Austin and San Marcos.

Guided by a natural optimism, Laura has devoted her career to addressing the challenges driven by Texas’ fast growth, constrained natural resources, and urban/rural divide. She has managed complex organizations, steering them to deliver practical, tangible, measurable results. She sees the entire playing field—and she helps others to see it, inspiring collaborations that accelerate progress toward on-the-ground deliverables. And she is deeply committed to investing in, connecting, and empowering people in ways that build resilient and inclusive communities, improve services, conserve natural resources, and expand and diversify economies.

Laura’s work aligns the priorities and expectations of diverse people and organizations. It requires a deep understanding and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. It seeks to maximize the voice and impact of organizations and communities. It tackles complex, intractable issues, viewing situations, issues, and ideas through multiple lenses to find the opportunities that are often hidden in challenges. And it elevates problem-solving, inclusivity, and innovation to catalyze transformational, durable change.

Huffman holds degrees from Texas A&M University and the University of Texas at Austin LBJ School of Public Affairs.