Housing affordability has become such a crisis in Texas, it could be the one development that derails what’s known as the Texas Miracle, the economic engine driving the Lone Star State. But sky high demand, property taxes and inflation have combined to drive up the cost of housing to such a level, some experts say Texas no longer has a cost advantage. Put another way, before now, businesses had no problem enticing employees to the Lone Star State because most folks could easily afford a home.

Now, though, that same home has become too expensive for many would be workers: homeowners, and renters alike, regardless of income level. And that’s made us more like, dare we say, California and New York than many Texans would like to admit.The problem is now such a threat, some of the brightest minds in the state sent a brief to lawmakers for the 88th Texas Legislature identifying ways to address the affordability crisis. In this episode of Y’all-itics, the Jasons are joined by two of those experts who discuss what needs to be done so we can all afford – and keep – our homes.

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